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Whenever assessing the relative value or effectiveness of a particular product, there are two main categories which you can properly assess the "value" of an item:

-aesethic value: how pleasing is it to the eye

-functional value: How well does the item actually fulfil the purpose for which it was made?

Most items whatever they maybe tend to fulfil or concentrate on only one of these factors, although there is no rule preventing an item from fulfilling both. A patio umbrella is a clear example of such a product, whilst their primary function is to help shield a person from the harmful effects of the sun and its UV rays and provide shade, they come in a wide variety of designs and decorations. A good quality patio umbrella can be an additional, eye-catching centrepiece ornament for your backyard and are a cheap and effective way of adding some colour to your yard. The only problem you will have with your patio umbrella is what colour and design to pick! The consumer really is spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a patio umbrella, and there is a patio umbrella to suit all tastes, preferences and budgets.

A patio umbrella is an excellent against all the different forms of weather, whether through sunshine or rain your trusty patio umbrella will keep you dry and safe and best of all they are a substantially cheaper option than patio awnings and just as effective. A patio umbrella allows a person to enjoy the outdoors with all the nuisances and irritancies, inherent to them minimised thanks to the trust patio umbrella so the rigors of sun, wind, thunderstorm, pesky insects and even bird intrusions are all a thing of the past.

When it comes to the installation of your patio umbrella, make sure you get a wide range of quotes from different dealers as the prices charged for installation can and will vary quite dramatically as does the warranty attached to them. Given the amount of exposure your patio umbrella will have to endure, an extended warranty is a must and not just a frivolous luxury. Whilst with many other products extras are just that, superficial accessories, any extras attached to a patio umbrella are actually worthy of some consideration. Some types of patio umbrella will require a base for additional stability, which come in granite, cast iron or even bases with wheels. Having a base for your patio umbrella can significantly extend the useful lifespan of it for quite a considerable period and to further ensure the maximum amount of use, make sure you carry out regular maintenance. Even basic things such as closing the patio umbrella when not in use, and routinely spraying it with UV umbrella protectant can have a major benefit.

If you want to really maximise the shade offered by your patio umbrella then you may want to use a patio umbrella which has a tilt feature, and generally a patio umbrella which has a tilt feature will have two settings: manual and auto tilt.

When choosing a stand for your patio umbrella it is vital that you choose an appropriate size and weight, otherwise you run a real risk of compromising the stability of your patio umbrella which means that in windy conditions the patio umbrella may come loose. Obviously, this poses a major safety risk so please ensure that you exercise a degree of caution when measuring the base for your patio umbrella.

If you are perhaps a little concerned that the umbrella stand will spoil the prettiness of your patio umbrella, then you could not be any more mistaken as umbrella stands are produced in a wide and wonderful array of different styles and motifs. Umbrella stands come in a number of different materials such as cast iron, wrought iron, brass, wood, wicker, plastic and resin.

As touched on earlier, the weight of your patio umbrella is very important, on average, patio umbrella stands that are used on tables tend to weigh between 20-45lbs, and such patio umbrellas will require a smaller weight than freestanding umbrellas because the table acts as an anchor for the patio umbrella and buffers the patio umbrella from the worst of the winds.

A free standing patio umbrella, because it does not have the luxury of being shielded from the elements at all has to be much more heavy to ensure safety, although the height of the patio umbrella can also have an effect on the required weight of the stand.

There are a wide number of different types of patio umbrellas, each offering their own benefits and drawbacks. Offset patio umbrellas for example are specifically designed so as to allow more space under the umbrellas and achieve this by tilting the pole to the side of the umbrella rather dead centre.

An offset patio umbrella tends to make use of a suspended canopy where as a traditional patio umbrella is simply an oversized umbrella which is used to shade a table, chair set or even a patio. Regardless of the type of patio umbrella you go for, make sure that you take excellent care of the covering, and ensure that the material is actually UV resistant. Otherwise your poor patio umbrella will not last very long in the direct glare of the sun!

Make sure to browse online when shopping for a patio umbrella as you will be able to more effectively and easily determine the best value for money. Some companies will offer competitive savings on the posting of the umbrella, and some may offer discounts if you purchase using a certain payment method. Price comparison sites are always an excellent source of information allowing you to see at a glance which sites are charging how much for their products. Therefore, you will be able to determine the best company for your needs.

the patio umbrella
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