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Patio umbrella
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Choosing a Patio Umbrella

A patio umbrella can be an attractive and extremely useful addition to your garden. Apart from its style and appearance, you should also know about the different features and capabilities that come with the patio umbrella you're setting your sights on.

You can find a patio umbrella which is known as an "offset umbrella" - the type that is placed at one side of the patio table but is not really attached to it. This is a free-standing patio umbrella, and its base is not lodged into the ground but held in place by heavy rocks or perhaps another heavy object.

This anchor is important because a patio umbrella can easily blown away, especially on a windy day. There is also a type of patio umbrella that is inserted into a hole in the middle of the table.

A modern patio umbrella is made of UV-protected lightweight fabric, usually polyester, which can offer protection from the harsh rays of the sun and from light drizzles. It can be opened or folded with a crank-lift mechanism. You'll find a knob at the side of the pole and merely turning this knob will help you set up your patio umbrella. The ordinary patio umbrella can be a valuable addition at the poolside or where tables are at the patio deck.

How about a patio umbrella with a gauzy netting? This innovation is very useful for gardens where there can be small insects or mosquitoes buzzing about. It's like having an instant gazebo with a patio umbrella of this type. The netting is draped from the edges of the canopy but is sheer enough to allow its occupants a fairly unobstructed view of the garden.

The sunbrella, as opposed to the offset umbrella, has a pole at its middle part. It can easily be moved from one area of the garden to another and is lightweight because of its aluminum pole.

You can position a garden chair underneath it for an instant shade, or you can move it near the barbecue grill to keep the cooked items from being wet during unexpected showers. It's operated with a crank lift and a handy push-button device also allows you to make this patio umbrella tilt the way you want it to.

One ingenious innovation is the incorporation of battery-operated lights in a regular patio umbrella. Due to revolutionary lighting technology, it's now possible to have lit patio umbrellas that glow beautifully under a clear evening sky. The lights are positioned in line with the umbrella's ribs, and they are guaranteed to last a long time.

Furthermore, manufacturers claim that even if one of the bulbs go dead, all the other bulbs remain lit. Can you imagine how ethereal it would look if you used several of these for a garden party?

Another type of patio umbrella that sells well during steamy and stuffy summer months is the misting patio umbrella. This is equipped with several misters hidden along its ribs, and by attaching the umbrella to a regular garden hose, the mechanism can be activated. The fine mist sprays are hardly noticeable but can effectively lower the ambient temperature by a good 10 degrees.

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